B-Movies, Earth Hour(!), Alien Abductions, Southpaws

This week’s surfing adventure runs the gamut from B-movies to making a thought-screen helmet. If you’ve never heard of a thought-screen helmet, prepare to be entertained. In addition, there is a website devoted to helping left-handers. Too late for me; I flunked scissors. Finally, a reminder about observing Earth Hour on March 29, which I wrote about in the first CyberScribbles column of 2008.

B-Movies (www.bmovies.com). No sign up is necessary, just choose what you want to view, then sit back and enjoy. Choose horror, science fiction, kung fu or wild westerns. I chose to watch a 1952 film of the Lone Ranger. I remember watching that show before color television, and I may have listened to it on the radio. Anyway, I found out after all these years how the Lone Ranger received his famous moniker. I did not know that Tonto made the Lone Ranger’s mask from the vest of the masked hero’s fallen brother. What I do know now from an adult’s point of view is that the acting was cheesy. Work your way through the menu of films you can watch. “Little Shop of Horrors” is among them, as well as several Bruce Lee and Buck Rogers movies. There are some more recent films and some classics that will keep you occupied on a rainy day.

Writing Left Handed (www.anythingleft-handed.co.uk). Watch tutorials that help southpaws navigate the world of pencil and paper. Most of us who favor our left hand tended to just slog along, smearing our palms and adjusting to right-handed desks in school. No wonder we are considered more creative. I have cramped, badly turned letters—just as the tutorials warn against. But then, you try writing down quotes when someone is talking fast in an interview. Pay attention to the numbers of writers and artists who are left-handed. Oh, and I would like to know how to cut with the left-handed scissors sold on this site. I tried a pair once, but could not get them to work for me.

Stop Alien Abductions (www.stopabductions.com). Wow! Free step-by-step instructions for making a thought-screen helmet to ward off intrusive alien eavesdropping! This website, which appears to be all serious business, is funnier than some of the sites tagged as funny. Michael Menkin, a technical writer who has done work for NASA among other companies, is the inventor of the helmet. Obviously, he is not trying to make money off this site. He lists the supplies needed and where to find them. Apparently, he is very serious about winning the telepathic war he believes we humans are fighting with the aliens. The testimonials are funny, too.

Earth Hour (www.earthhour.org). Mark this Saturday, March 29 on your calendar now. At 8 pm that evening, folks around the globe will turn off their lights for an hour as a way to create “a positive tipping point” in the race to slow down global warming. This concept is a global attempt to replicate what the city of Melbourne, Australia started last year. At the Earth Hour website, individuals from businesses, town and city governments, and anyone else can pledge to get an awareness campaign started. You can watch a short video and see Melbourne go dark, as well as listen to appeals. Sounds like a good idea to me.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on March 25, 2008.

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