St. Paddy’s Day, Propaganda, Car Toys

Have you ever noticed the number of bylines in the Beacher with Irish names? I guess that makes us really special this time of year. Naturally, I found you a St. Patrick’s Day site as I roamed the green hills and valleys of the internet this past week. And for you more serious readers, you can park yourself in front of a website that addresses the excesses of the information age. Then, when you get tired of reading, you can move on to the bits of trivia that add to the aforementioned excess.


All St. Patrick’s Day ( Did you know that true Irishmen scoff at the tradition of green (Guinness) beer? Or that leprechauns are cobblers by profession? Whatever you are looking for to celebrate the wearin’ of the green next Monday, you’ll find it here. How about a recipe for Colcannon? Or, you can learn to write a limerick, or memorize an Irish blessing. You’ll find clip art, coloring pages, puzzles, more recipes, history, and lots of other information to make you ready to celebrate. Here is an Irish Blessing for you that I copied from the website:


May your life be long

May your heart be true

May your path be clear

And your skies be blue

May your soul be happy

And your spirit light

May you know deep joy

May your dreams take flight


Propaganda Analysis ( This is a perfect time to read up on the slight-of-words spewing from the mouths of presidential candidates, or admen. My eyes started to glaze over a bit, so I found my way over to the video gallery, where I caught about five minutes of a (longer) 1960’s-era film, “Brink of Disaster.” This propaganda film addresses those “dirty hippies” and the importance of supporting the Viet Nam war. There are several other films to view in the archives. Somewhere along the way I found myself at the Prelinger Archives (, where a huge repository of films—good ones and not so good ones, are free for the viewing.


Worst Foods in America ( This is an article in the online magazine that reviews 20 heavy-on-the-calories-and-fat menu items that will guarantee to add pounds to your frame, and clogs to your arteries.. All are chain restaurant or fast-food selections. Tops in calories are the Aussie cheese fries with Ranch dressing. The onion blossom at another restaurant comes in second. You’ll have to read the article to discover the other 18 worst foods.


Most Expensive Car Toys ( Yes, indeed. Words deceive. I was expecting to find gadgets, and aftermarket gizmos when I read the teaser headline. Instead, I gazed at a photo of a full-size Ferrari Formula 1 race car made from Belgian chocolate. The cost? $24,000.. For chocolate! No motor! And that is just one of about six “car toys” featured here. None of them are functional, but the full-sized racer made of toothpicks(!) is certainly a wonder. By the way, I apologize for the long url. I found a shorter one to get you to this site, but you would be wading through some racy, family-unfriendly photos to access the car toys.



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