Taxes (ugh!) Chocolate (good!) & Life Stories

Have you started working on your taxes yet? I’m not necessarily recommending tax software, but it may help to look at an eye-opening chart I discovered this week. After you have viewed it, race over to the chocolate site I mention below. Then settle down and jot some memories from long ago, using a useful online program.


Death and Taxes ( So. You want to know how our government is spending our money? This chart will show you. Included are the latest budget requests from our President, some of which were mentioned in his 2008 State of the Union address. There are more than 400 programs and departments on this chart. I noticed that the proposed budget includes a huge increase for the National Science Foundation, while the EPA’s proposed allotment has fallen. Lots of stuff to look at. Makes you want to find as many extra deductions as possible when you figure your taxes.

 Intentional Chocolate ( This is a commercial site, and I usually try to stay away from them for this column. But the premise behind this product is so notable that I had to share it with you. Here is a product description: “Intentional Chocolate is embedded with the following intention: Whoever consumes this chocolate will manifest optimal health and functioning at physical, emotional and mental levels, and in particular will enjoy an increased sense of energy, vigor and well-being. The new “ingredient” in Intentional Chocolate is not a conventional nutrient, but rather the focused benevolent intentions of highly experienced meditators. Intentional Chocolate is the first product born out of this mind-matter technology.” Apparently several restaurants in Chicago use the product.. Be sure to indulge when you finally sit down to do your taxes. Write My Memoirs ( Anyone thinking about writing his or her life story ought to have a look at this website. Actually, it is free online software that allows you to create an autobiography easily. You can write one event at a time, and it helps you organize your thoughts. It has a section on helpful tips, too. I’m not sure why it is free. It looks like a fine program. Just be sure to read the privacy policy to see if it’s for you. The People History ( For nostalgia or for reference or both, this is a surprising find! Want to know how much things cost in the 1930’s? The answers are here, along with tidbits, trends, events and more of each decade starting from the 1920’s. The information spills over into a separate blog, and more is added as discovered. Rules of Thumb (  A rule of thumb is defined as “a homemade recipe for making a guess.” The goal of this site is to gather every rule of thumb on earth into a gigantic database. It is easily searchable and fun to browse. Antique Appraisals ( There are various levels of services here, from free to fee-based. You can browse through more than 70 pages of appraisals and select three without having to pay for the information. You can submit your own antique or collectible information to get an appraisal, or you can just browse out of curiosity.  

Cam of the Week ( Fishy Cam lets you watch the action of fish swimming around in a fishbowl. Unlike other cams that often show nothing happening, this one, at least while I was watching) is full of fish swimming back and forth. A time-waster? Maybe, but it does get your mind off other stuff, so maybe it has some redeeming value.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on February 20, 2008.

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