Out of this World

If you are expecting references to Valentine’s Day here, I’m way ahead of you. If you remember, I covered one site last week (www.links2love.com). This week, I’ve been working on President’s Day, and much, much further out in time, some outer space predictions. I caught a few videos on YouTube about Nibiru, an alleged 12th planet that prognosticators say is going to do the Earth major damage in  2012. Some of the videos were very convincing, but the Internet being what it is, one needs to check and double-check to make sure the information found is accurate. That said, you can guess the course of my surfing and its results this week. We’ll begin with our last several Presidents.


Presidents & UFO’s (www.presidentialufo.com). I’m not sure how I arrived here. Probably from a link that dealt with Nibiru, the brown dwarf or Planet X or whatever it is—or is not. From FDR to our current President, each administration’s remarks or policy about UFO’s is presented here. Except for Jimmy Carter openly admitting to seeing a UFO (while campaigning, in his pre-President days), there is not much so-called declassified information here. But then, I just scanned quickly some documents put together for UFO fans. Um, did I tell you I saw a UFO once? It was close to 30 years ago and I was living in a remote area with clear skies and it scared the bejeebers out of me. The local police took my report while trying to hide their smirks. Despite that sighting, I am not ready to join the ranks of the UFO buffs.


The Planetary Society (www.planetary.org). I’m guessing that most of this nonprofit’s members have not sighted a UFO, but then, they would be open to the possibility. Their objective is public education and advocacy for space exploration. They could be considered an organization that is building a stairway to the stars for John Q. Public’s curiousity. Carl Sagan, among others, founded this organization. And it has cool stuff on its website. I learned that on January 28 of this year, Asteroird TU24 made its closest earth approach for the last 2,000 years. And in addition to news, the site has information about the opportunity to participate in “stardust@home,” the specks of space dust that need volunteers’help to sift through. One must download a special virtual microscope and officially register to help. This is not a video game, but serious research. So, if you have the time and interest, there’s a project for you. Unpaid, of course. I think I’d rather be out searching for specks of real gold.


Deep Space Video (www.fronteirmultimedia.com/deepspace.htm). For the price of just your speedy internet connection, you’ll get a very cool, approximately 3-minute look at the beauty of the cosmos, with appropriate music to boot. This is a commercial site that is selling 12-minute versions of Deep Space, Good Earth (also very cool—watch it, too) , the Moon and the Sun. The 3-minute previews are free. There is an offer for a demo download with a 7-day or 7-play option, which I assume is free. If you want to own one of these nifty cosmic shows, it will set you back only $12 (one dollar a minute). I can tell you that the 3-minute free version is definitely worth a look.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on February 12, 2008.

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