Inspiration, green advice, lost & found

A dose of inspiration, testimonies from etiquette faux pas, a huge repository of green advice and markets, and a most useful lost and found service are among this week’s finds.


Internet Lost and Found ( In addition to posting to or browsing through print classifieds for items lost or found, you can check this site on the Web. Select a state—don’t bother to home in on a county or city—and scan the postings. Indiana has several listings for found items, mostly class rings. In fact, found class rings appear to dominate the found listings from several states. Categories for items include jewelry, clothing, tools, tickets, baggage, media, and tech items. The site allows you to contact the finder directly. Ditto for the unfortunate person who lost something. It’s free to post an item, by the way.


Cash for CDs ( Although I am not a user of this site, you may be interested in the offer of from $5 and up for your used cds, dvds, and games. You have to sell at least 6 at a time, and they have to be in decent condition. The condition they are in, as well as the demand for the title, will dictate how much this service will pay you. If it wants what you have, it will send you a postage-paid mailer for your items. Sounds like a decent way to recycle your unwanted collections.


Ecomall ( If you are conscientious about recycling and striving for a healthier, greener lifestyle, you’ll want to know about this website, whose tagline is “a place to save the earth.”Among the topics with links, you’ll find resources for renewable energy, eco-restaurants, eco-quotes, activism, eco-investments, and tons of links to articles and companies and products.


Etiquette Hell ( Before wedding season begins, read what some invitees have to say about their invitations, or their nonexistent thank you notes for gifts. Ah, but weddings are just one category of rants you’ll read. Add work-related and everyday outrage to the mix and you’ll find some entertaining reading. Of course, the best use of this reading is to learn from it, and to avoid the faux pas that cause enmity.


Inspirations (  Blogger Lennie Zeltzer asked his readers to submit examples of things that inspire them. The feedback he received makes for a pleasant read, and it encourages me to know that there is a big dose of intelligence on the web. Here is one reader’s inspiration: “the smell of melting snow bringing the warmth of spring.” Find dozens and dozens more to make you feel grateful for being alive.


Retroland ( I was very excited when I logged on to this shiny, colorful site, but then felt let down when there wasn’t much to say about the eras we card-carrying AARP members want to remember. And yet, the writing is done well, and somewhat informative. You decide whether it’s worth more than five minutes of your time.


Opt Out Prescreen ( If you are tired of receiving those credit card offers or junk mail from insurance companies, you can now use this website to opt out of receiving these offers. Just think of how many trees you can save. The service is free, too, as it should be.

 America @ 10mph Video. Remember our visit from Segway riders Hunter and Josh? You can view their complete documentary free at YouTube.
Give Hunter and Josh $1 by joining OurStage for Free:

Web Cam of the Week: ( Travel to Thailand and watch revelers enjoy the warm weather on the beach at several Thai resorts. This might help chase some winter blues away.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on January 25, 2008.

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