Videos and Image Editing

            I am not the only one who has mentioned that the Internet has become a visual medium. Do you know anyone who reads books from the ‘net? Neither do I. Project Gutenberg, the noble attempt to provide thousands of classic books to readers, probably ranks near the bottom in most surfers’ agendas. Have our attention spans become that short? I believe it is a trend that is steamrolling out of control. Meanwhile, YouTube has become a household name.

Video sites. I already mentioned YouTube, and I’m guessing that you are familiar with it, too—unless you are still using a dial-up connection that works too slowly for viewing videos. I did not realize how many other video sites there are. Here is a list, in case you are an internet video junkie: IFilm (; Daily Motion (; MetaCafe (www.metacafe/); Vidiac—which appears to appeal to the younger set (;;, Google Video (;  andYahoo Video ( There are movie aggregators, too. If you want to see what’s “hot” in one of the above-named sites, you can go to MAGG ( to see the so-called “latest and greatest” videos uploaded for anyone’s viewing. Movie sites are an entirely different category. I have mentioned some in past columns, and will likely mention more of them in the future.

Free Panoramic Photo maker ( If you don’t happen to have Photoshop or other sophisticated photo editing software, you can still make yourself a panorama to impress yourself and your friends.. You’ll have to shoot overlapping photos first. Then you can use this stitching program to put together an impressive panorama. Last time I was in Sedona, I was in a picturesque spot with some tourists who were bemoaning the fact that they forgot to buy a disposable panoramic camera. I told them about overlapping their shots, but I did not know the url of this stitching site. But you do, so you, too, can wow your friends with your travel photos from your next trip.

Free Poster Maker ( Here is another way to have fun with your photos without worrying about expensive editing software. Follow the directions and enjoy your original piece of wall art.

Group Shot ( This beta program works only with Windows XP. For those of us who take lots of group photos (think: Beacher writers), we can create a composite image from the same scene and same point of view. If Susie blinks and everyone else has great smiles, we can manipulate another shot of Susie and edit it into one of the other shots we’ve taken.  Our editor, Sally Montgomery, would be very happy if we used this software. I’m guilty of taking too few group shots where every one of them has someone either blinking or frowning, or looking away. Now I have no excuse to submit terrible group shots.

Jigsaw Puzzle ( If you are a fan of jigsaw puzzles, you will love this site. You can solve easy, 6-piece puzzles or tease your brain with a 240-piece challenge. The site has a “Puzzle of the Day,” plus others in a large gallery. And, you can upload your own photo and turn it into a puzzle to email to friends.



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