Art Lessons on the Web

A wealth of local art organizations offers classes for beginners to advanced students in just about every medium you can think of. There is no substitute for sitting in a class with others, where you can share ideas, tips and techniques with your instructor and other students, and for getting out to socialize, too. So with that said, the websites mentioned here this week might be useful as a supplementary way to learn various art mediums in-between bricks-and-mortar classes; or for those who may be house bound and want an opportunity to hone their skills or take up the hobby of art making. The free, online art lesson websites are impressive. Check out each, then decide which one you like the best.

Art Studio Chalkboard. The University of Evansville brings its art department online for public viewing, and you’ll find some excellent tutorials here, especially for drawing linear perspective and for oil painting. The website also has a nice set of links to other good sites.

Art School Online/Wet Canvas . You have to register (free) to gain full access to what’s available here. We managed to find, after some searching, a basic tutorial on painting. What appears to be most valuable here is the discussion board, where artists will help you work through a problem you may be having with an art project you may be working on.

The Magic of PaintingAdmiral Cowdidsly Education Group. I think you will be impressed with this site. It may be too advanced for some, but if you want to learn watercolor or drawing, you will find a great deal of good information here. I marked this as “very good’ when I was reviewing all these sites, so you might want to make this your first stop.

Art & Design Workshop . This is another site that teaches perspective. It also has sections dedicated to Egyptian art, pencil portraits, and African masks.

Watercolor Online . As the name implies, this site offers a treasure chest of articles and tutorials on watercolor painting. You’ll also find listings of upcoming workshops (nationwide), and listings of art organizations. If your specialty is watercolor, you can get yourself a free website here.

Sanford ArtEdventures . This website is ideal for all ages and all skill levels. It is divided into four areas: Create, Play Art Games, Study, and Teach. It may be just what you are looking for.

Online Art School . This is not to be confused with the aforementioned “Art School Online.” Artist Jason Morgan offers systematic demos of his painting process, focusing on value, composition, etc. Choose either a wildlife subject or landscape, and follow his steps to understand how he creates a basic, eye-pleasing painting.

Eyes on Art . This website is less about hands-on painting techniques and more about art appreciation and learning the art of seeing. Also, learn art terms at its Artspeak 101 link.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on June 29, 2005.

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